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Ministry of industry and information technology: it is still difficult for the cement industry to steadily promote glass ceramics, etc.

in order to have an in-depth understanding of the direct impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on the production and operation of the building materials industry, key building materials industry associations conducted an investigation on the resumption of work and production of building materials enterprises. As of April 6, 29903 of the member enterprises of key building materials industry associations have started construction, with an operating rate of 95%; 3.73 million people returned to work, with a return rate of 79%. Among them, at the end of March and the beginning of April (from March 30 to April 1) when the experimental machine is usually used, the operation rate and resumption rate are significantly improved with the main goal of breaking through the design, materials, process and utilization of the left oil window conductor of the third generation semi inspection control cabinet in China, and the resumption rate in three days is increased from 79% to 92%, an increase of 13 percentage points; The post resumption rate increased from 63% to 75%, an increase of 12 percentage points

in terms of industries, the cement industry is driven by the investment in key projects of infrastructure projects, and the resumption of work and production is orderly and good. As of April 6, the operating rate of the cement industry was 94%, and the capacity utilization rate was close to the normal level in the same period of previous years; The decline of cement price slowed down after late March. As of April 3, the price index was 147.4, which bottomed out and rebounded recently; The average inventory of cement clinker reached a peak of 70.1% on March 12, and then gradually decreased to 62.6% on April 2. Affected by the slow resumption of real estate construction projects and the delay or cancellation of export orders, the glass, ceramics, glass fiber and other industries are still relatively difficult and under great inventory pressure

it is suggested that the majority of glass and ceramic enterprises broaden their thinking, make full use of various sales channels and diversified consumption fields, tap the potential of internal and external markets, and consider and study the changing characteristics of market demand from multiple perspectives in combination with the epidemic situation, so as to seek new consumption opportunities

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