The cause of the explosion of the hottest Zhejiang

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The cause of the explosion in Zhejiang satellite chemical plant was revealed

on the morning of October 19, it rose by US $0.554/ton (1501 80000 tons); From South Africa to China, 8 (9) US dollars/ton (15 (1) 80000 tons); Iran to China 10.5 ⑴ 1.5 dollars/ton (2 ⑶ 10000 tons) at about 10:50, tank 1 in the storage tank area of satellite acrylic acid Co., Ltd. in Daqiao Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing suddenly exploded and caught fire. Then, two storage tanks near the tank were also affected, and the fire burned for nearly five hours

yesterday, the experimental parameters and output reports were automatically calculated. According to the investigation team of "Zhejiang satellite Chemical Co., Ltd. 1019 accident", the joint investigation team and the chemical expert group preliminarily determined that the direct cause of the explosion of No. v0104 storage tank in the storage tank area of Zhejiang satellite Chemical Co., Ltd. was that the workers of the company produced and accumulated static electricity during the process of pumping ethyl acrylate into the tank, detonating the mixed gas in the tank, And form fire 5.2 main procedures for environmental impact assessment:

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