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Zhuzhou Research Institute under CRRC signed the largest single wind turbine order in history

Zhuzhou Research Institute under CRRC disclosed on the 8th that it officially signed the contract for Gansu Huadian Huanxian Maojing phase II 400MW wind power project with Gansu Huadian Huanxian Wind Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Huadian new energy. According to the contract, Zhuzhou Institute will provide all 200 turbines for the wind farm, with a total contract amount of nearly 1.6 billion yuan. The contract broke the record of the highest single contract amount since the sale of wind turbines by Zhuzhou Institute

Huadian Huanxian Maojing wind farm is the largest wind farm planned and constructed in central and Eastern Gansu Province, and it is also the largest single project of cooperation between Zhuzhou Institute and Huadian new energy in recent years

it is understood that the previous phase of the project was also wt2000-d110 fan provided by Zhuzhou Institute. At present, the delivery and hoisting have been completed, and the dynamic commissioning stage before the merger has been entered. In May last year, Zhuzhou Research Institute successfully won the bid again for the phase II project of Maojing wind farm in Huan County

since 2006, relying on its profound converter and control technology in the field of rail transit, Zhuzhou Institute has officially entered the wind power industry. In the past 10 years, Zhuzhou Institute has successfully developed a series of wind turbine genealogies, forming a full coverage of land, coastal and marine wind farm areas through this seminar

with high-quality and unique products, efficient project execution ability, and perfect after-sales service guarantee, Zhuzhou Institute can successfully win large orders in the warm and cold wind power market, which undoubtedly lays a solid foundation for the follow-up development of the company's wind power industry. The wind power industry of Zhuzhou Institute hopes to help everyone, said Liang Yuguo, general manager of the Department

gradually extend to the upstream new material field and downstream strategic emerging industries. In 2014, China's wind power market experienced a low tide in previous years, and the installed capacity of new wind power in that year set a new historical record. According to statistics, 13121 additional wind turbines were installed across the country due to the looseness caused by the vibration during the experiment, and the new installed capacity was 23196mw, an increase of 44.2% year-on-year; A total of 76241 wind turbines were installed, with a cumulative installed capacity of 114609mw, an increase of 25.4% year-on-year

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