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A single visual system acts as the task of nearly 2000 detection points

a single visual system acts as the task of nearly 2000 detection points

can the tasks of diverse or large-scale surface detection and identification be completed independently by a camera? Usually, it needs a group of cameras or a camera to move back and forth in the detection area). Modi's Adomo system uses the vision of Cognex to avoid your test results. The far 3-axis and vibrating table are successfully equipped with a fast, flexible and cost-effective detection system. This original measure truly reflects the simple and flexible design concept

easily read the micro code on the large surface

when exploring the matrix code reading technology that the best movable baffle on the large surface cannot vibrate the pin on the reversing switch, modulaldigitsgmbh successfully developed a rotating lens. It is combined with the in sight camera or visionpro software of Cognex to form a compact detection system, which broadens the application field of image processing and minimizes the use of materials

new invention - a single system independently undertakes large-scale surface detection tasks

people invented rotating mirrors when adjusting fixed mirrors. In Study 1 × Dieterklawunder, the general manager, put forward a constructive suggestion on how to position the 2cm size lens to read the code - impact deflection. Dieterklawunder described the situation at the time of the invention of this technology as follows: "I gradually realized that when operating the image processor, the lens must be able to rotate freely, rather than fix it."

the vision system thus invented can undertake large-scale surface detection tasks and withstand the challenges of the worst operating environment, while the space occupied is only the size of a shoebox. With the support of a combination of in sight camera, lens, rotating mirror, stepping engine and electronic drive system, the Adomo system is sufficient to complete high-precision and diverse detection tasks

undertake the task of nearly 2000 inspection points

the rotating mirror is controlled by a stepping motor, which can transfer the inspection area of the part to the in sight vision system, and the accuracy can reach 1 micron. With the help of this high-precision rotating mirror, image shooting and diagnosis in 500x500mm area can be accurately completed with only a single camera. Its main advantages include: short cycle, accurate accuracy, small space and high price. With this set of integrated microprocessor, the vision system can automatically complete the diagnosis tasks of steering and nearly 2000 different detection points. The integrated system of Adomo and intelligent in sight camera can be directly installed on the existing production line without adding additional PC equipment. The active reflection lens helps the system detect the blind spot area easily

special application examples:

· product detection and barcode reading in electronic instrument manufacturing industry (computers, handheld computers, etc.)

· reading the barcode or solder joint detection of distribution board: in the case of difficult barcode reading, many barcodes, or usually need to be equipped with multiple cameras in the process of material experiment, etc.

· adjust the detection of electric control board - pin pin position and depth detection on various electric control boards, Fast detection of electronic components and solder joints

· detection of fuses and controllers

· coding and identification of packaging materials

compact, flexible and easy to operate

adomo solution can not only operate independently, but also connect vcsp software tools (visual server control equipment). The operator can run the most complex detection program even without any programming knowledge. The intuitive user interface simplifies the tedious programming work; Fast and simple operation training enables operators to get familiar with the system as soon as possible and create new programs. With the help of this software, the user can move the lens to any position, and the accuracy of the detection point can reach one thousandth of a millimeter. Adomo can also be operated "hand-held" - three combined components, in sight, movable mirror deflection technology, and vcsp software tools (50ms data exchange speed requirements). The test results are stored in the internal database so that they can be obtained at any time during fault diagnosis. With its fast and flexible characteristics, and combined with the vision technology of Cognex, modi 'sadomo has successfully created a detection system with high cost performance

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