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Single machine bag type dust remover solves the problem of flying dust in hardware polishing.

hardware factories and auto parts factories will produce dust flying phenomenon due to the influence of induced airflow during the polishing and polishing of finished metal parts. If there is no appropriate dust remover as a protective measure, according to the "green building action plan" issued by China, it will seriously endanger the health of operators, Therefore, according to the needs of the site, the working area of metal grinding and polishing is equipped with an efficient single bag filter to provide clean air for the working environment

single machine bag dust collector is advanced and reasonable in structure, with low injection pressure, good dust removal effect and small maintenance workload. It is an ideal dust collector at present

1. On the basis of retaining the advantages of the ordinary dust collector, the single bag dust collector adopts a low resistance pulse valve, so that the service life of the control system and filter bag of the dust collector is more than twice that of the ordinary dust collector, and the maintenance workload is reduced

2. The compressed air used for ash removal has been reduced from the original 5-7 kg/cm2 pressure to the current 3 kg/cm2 pressure, but the ash removal effect can still reach the effect of 5-7 kg/cm2 pressure, thus expanding the scope of use

3. Due to the structural improvement, the tightness of the equipment is enhanced, and the air leakage can be less than 10%, further improving the product quality

4. The capping device and filter bag fixing method have been reformed, and the working conditions have been improved for equipment overhaul and maintenance

5. The protective cover is added to the injection device, and the rain proof measures are adopted for the cover structure, so that the dust collector does not need to set up another rain proof shed when placed in the open air, which reduces the construction investment

6. The original auger of the ash removal part is removed, and the automatic rotary ash discharge valve combined air shutter is installed. The use effect of ash removal is expanded, the maintenance is reduced, the sealing is strict, and the ash discharge is fast

single machine bag filter is mainly composed of five parts

1. Upper box: it is composed of a liftable cover plate and an air outlet

2. Medium box body: it is composed of perforated plate, filter bag device and Venturi tube group, and there are leading enterprises in the industry such as Yi'an technology, Yinxi technology and HONGNA (Dongguan) new materials

3. Lower box: it is composed of air inlet, ash hopper and inspection door

4. Ash discharge system: composed of reducer, ash conveying and discharging devices

5. Injection system: composed of controller, control valve, pulse valve, injection pipe, air bag and protective equipment

6. The control instrument adopts jmk-2 pulse controller and WMK pulse contactless controller

the dusty gas enters the middle and lower box through the air inlet of the dust collector, and enters the upper box through the filter bag. During the process, the filter bag can be cleaned with gasoline, and various effects of the compression screw and the upper limit plate of the toothed rod can be adjusted. The dust and gas are separated, and the dust is absorbed on the filter bag, while the gas passes through the filter bag, enters the upper box through the venturi tube, and is discharged from the air outlet. In the process of purifying the dusty gas through the filter bag, as time increases, more and more dust accumulates on the filter bag, so the resistance of the filter bag gradually increases, and the amount of gas passing through the filter bag gradually decreases. In order to make the dust collector work normally, the resistance should be controlled within a limited range (generally mm water column). In this way, when the resistance rises to the limited range, the controller will send a command to trigger each control valve in sequence and open the pulse valve. The compressed air in the air bag is sprayed into each corresponding filter bag through the venturi through the holes of the spray pipe. The filter bag expands sharply under the instantaneous reverse action of the air flow, so that the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag falls off and the filter bag is regenerated. The cleared dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged from the machine body through the ash discharge system. As the dust accumulated on the filter bag is cleared regularly, the purified gas passes normally to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector

installation and maintenance of single bag dust collector

1. For convenient transportation, single bag dust collector is divided into two parts. Rubber pads should be added at the installation place, and the connecting bolts should be tightened evenly to ensure that the dust collector has good tightness. Components such as control instrument, control valve and filter bag U-shaped pressure gauge shall be cleaned evenly before installation

2. The control instrument is installed and connected to the 220V power supply. Start the switch and start each solenoid valve in the order of digital display (note that the solenoid valve is 220V)

3. When installing the dust removal cloth bag, pay attention not to scratch, and check whether the frame is intact. If it is damaged, it should be repaired in time, and the burr can be removed before installation, otherwise the dust removal effect will be affected. After the pile surface of the filter bag is installed outward, the upper edge is turned over on the aluminum short pipe above the flower board, and it is fastened with a strap

4. Before the initial operation of the dust remover, the pulse injection system should be checked and confirmed to be correct before operation

5. Before operation, the transmission parts of the reducer and bearing should be filled with lubricating oil, and the reducer should be filled with HJ-30 lubricating oil. After the machine is put into operation, it is also necessary to regularly fill oil, drain and change oil

6. Replace the damaged filter bag in time. If ash is found at the outlet, it indicates that the filter bag has been damaged. At this time, stop the fan first, open the upper cover, and find out the damaged filter bag for replacement

7. The U-shaped pressure gauge is the indicator of the resistance of the reaction dust collector, and the resistance should generally be mm water column

the air filter of the air bag and air source of the single machine bag type dust collector should be discharged once per shift. The filter should be cleaned once a month. The shell and sheet metal structural parts should be painted regularly every year

single machine bag type dust remover is suitable for purifying non corrosive dusty gas. The factor that universal material testing machine should pay attention to is that the temperature is not greater than 300 ℃. It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of all kinds of resins, wood, metals, etc. and all kinds of workplaces with high dust concentration. The allowable inlet concentration is 10g/m3. It is also often used in workshops (polishing workshops) in industries such as casting, metallurgy, mining, building materials and refractories

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