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Development of anti-counterfeiting printing technology for cigarette packaging

due to the existence of counterfeit cigarettes, the use of anti-counterfeiting technology for cigarette packaging will be an eternal topic. Cigarette packs are generally first-line anti-counterfeiting and second-line anti-counterfeiting. First line anti-counterfeiting is a relatively familiar and intuitive anti-counterfeiting method. At present, cigarette packs tend to use first-line anti-counterfeiting more, making it easier for consumers to identify, such as printing anti-counterfeiting instructions in the folded part of cigarette packs. In packaging and printing, anti-counterfeiting technologies include printing process anti-counterfeiting, printing material anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, design anti-counterfeiting, etc. many cigarette packs use a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Foreign cigarette labels are monotonous and mostly use gravure printing technology, and the paper is also a single white cardboard, while domestic cigarette bag printing is colorful, including ordinary gray background white cards, such as reversible deformation (elasticity), irreversible deformation (plasticity), fracture (brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue fracture, etc.) caused by different loads, and the measurement index of metal resistance to deformation and fracture, white background white cards, gold and silver cards, rainbow cards Lattice laser card, etc. At present, a large number of cigarette labels are proofed with laser cards (paper) and also used to locate laser cards. According to the author's preliminary statistics, at present, various cigarette manufacturers generally use laser discoloration anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, watermark anti-counterfeiting and other contemporary high-tech anti-counterfeiting science and technology to design and print cigarette labels. Many experimental machines are also named according to the function of friction pairs

1. Laser discoloration anti-counterfeiting

laser discoloration anti-counterfeiting (information anti-counterfeiting) cigarette labels have two types:

one belongs to laser holographic type. This type of cigarette label will produce different color effects by observing the pattern from different angles, such as the cigarette label of Hongta group, the dark blue "furongwang" cigarette label of Changde cigarette factory, the "Wanyan" cigarette label of Hefei Cigarette Kunming Cigarette Factory's "cloud and smoke image" cigarette labels and other anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels belong to this type

the second is a three-dimensional stealth technology, which will reflect different levels of patterns from different angles. For example, the "Little Panda" series cigarette labels of Huize cigarette factory and the "Jinsha" anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels of Changsha cigarette factory can show three levels of changing patterns of "Jinsha", a pair of cranes and running script "Jinsha" under sufficient light. For example, the laser film of the "Ashima" hard box of Yuxi Hongta Group pops up images on three tracks, and three different patterns of "Tower of heaven and earth", "Hongta" and "Hongta" can be clearly seen from different angles. The laser film on the back of the "Red Panda" hard box can show three patterns of red panda photos, text and background from different angles. Guiyang cigarette factory newly developed the frosted boutique "Huangguoshu" anti-counterfeiting cigarette label in 1999, which has a special mosaic effect, and the anti-counterfeiting is more effective. The three-dimensional laser image of the cigarette label takes Huangguoshu waterfall as the background, which is triple anti-counterfeiting, coupled with the group logo. Through the reflection of different light sources, we can see the special process, which makes the tree layers more rich and delicate, and the double three-dimensional picture of waterfall and tree, and then observe it carefully, Clearly visible Chinese and surrounding micro carved English letters

laser code anti-counterfeiting technology uses the world's advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and equipment to set anti-counterfeiting signs or specific numbers at specific positions of box labels. It is characterized by clear patterns or numbers, no convex and concave feeling when touching, and the ink is not easy to erase. For example, the "Huangshan" series cigarette labels of Bengbu cigarette factory are sprayed with a ski like pattern at the bottom of the cigarette labels. Most cigarette labels of Xiamen cigarette factory and "Hongqiqu" cigarette labels of Anyang cigarette factory adopt code spraying digital anti-counterfeiting technology. Take the cigarette label of Xiamen cigarette factory as an example, all hard box products and soft bags "auspicious Shishi" adopt code spraying digital anti-counterfeiting, and the printing position is below the front of the small box trademark and before and after the plant site. The anti-counterfeiting inkjet code has 21 digits in total. The first 12 digits are the identification code, and the last 8 digits are the anti-counterfeiting code. Input the first 12 digits of the identification code through the anti-counterfeiting recognizer to see whether the 8 digits of the anti-counterfeiting code appearing on the recognizer are the same as the last digits printed on the package. If they are the same, they are authentic. Consumers can also check the authenticity of products by going to or calling the free service of Xiamen cigarette factory

2. Ink anti-counterfeiting

using anti-counterfeiting ink is an important means of printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting. At present, UV ink printing technology is mature and has been widely used in sheet fed offset printing machines and even flexo printing machines. The monochrome machine without UV device is connected with a UV curing machine behind the paper receiving table, and the multi-color machine can enter the Beijing major scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization project by installing UV curing lamps on the paper transfer drum. The industrialization of green printed circuit preparation technology based on nano materials has successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group for UV ink printing. Luminous inks, temperature indicating inks, fluorescent inks, color changing inks (most of which are spiropyran compounds) and other anti-counterfeiting inks have been used on some cigarette packs. For example, the torch logo on the original "Gutian" cigarette box (now changed to Gutian seven wolves) of Longyan Cigarette Factory adopts luminous inks. There will be fluorescence in dark places, and the torch pattern is still clearly visible under the observation of luminous light. The special high-quality "red flag canal" cigarette label with hard flip uses fluorescent ink. When you observe it under the money detector, you can see a red sun shooting out on the "red flag canal". The small square around the lion's head on the "red stone lion" cigarette box produced by Xiamen cigarette factory adopts temperature indicating color changing ink, which will become shallow when the temperature rises and return to the original when the temperature recovers

"Shishi" (New) the paperboard in the small box is printed with a red Shishi pattern in the middle. When heated, the red Shishi pattern will turn into gold, making a greater contribution to our enterprise and Jinan experimental machine. After cooling, the background color will recover

the "red aloes" lining paper adopts warm ink. Burn it with fire, and the red disappears. After the fire is removed, the red recovers. These advanced processes have achieved success in cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting printing

3. Watermark anti-counterfeiting

watermark anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of text with light and dark lines or graphics made by changing the density of pulp fiber in the process of papermaking production. It is widely used in banknote printing in the country. The gold medal Huangguoshu cigarette label of Guiyang cigarette factory adopts this anti-counterfeiting technology, and its gold medal pattern has watermark dark lines

in addition, there are cigarette labels printed with other high-tech science and technology. The latest Yellow Crane Tower 1916 adopts DNA anti-counterfeiting technology. Shijiazhuang cigarette factory's "new Shijiazhuang" cigarette label, Dangyang cigarette factory's "Guan Gong" cigarette label, and the ninth generation of new flip You Three Gorges cigarette label of Three Gorges cigarette factory have dot shaped rectangular anti-counterfeiting marks printed on the bottom or inside the flip. The new soft "Panda" uses thin paper to partially oil and bump

in a word, with the continuous development of cigarette packaging and printing and the rapid change of production technology, materials and equipment, packaging and printing enterprises can only produce beautiful cigarette packs that meet the growing demand of consumption by continuously adopting more advanced production technology and materials while improving the soft environment such as management, technology and environment, tracking and leading the development trend of printing. Only in this way can we remain invincible in the form of increasingly fierce competition and accelerated market pace

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