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Singapore paint prices rose

oil prices rose strongly. In addition to steel, the prices of other building materials such as paint and wood also began to rise. However, so far, the construction contractor seems to be bearing the cost increase, so the impact on consumers is not large

when interviewed, the construction contractor confirmed that the paint price has indeed increased in the past oneortwo weeks. The price of a barrel of 5 liters of paint has increased by about 5 Singapore dollars (SGD) (10%), which means a rise of 1 yuan per meter

a contractor surnamed Pan said, "my paint supplier told me that the paint price will start in two or three days." Because the scale of the construction project he contracted is not large, he "will order building materials if necessary." Previously, the paint he was responsible for had not been adjusted to the latest price

another contractor surnamed Cai pointed out, "when I bought it from the hardware store last week, the paint price has been raised. This has increased since the lunar new year."

Hong Fuxing, the managing director of Fengli hardware private Co., Ltd. (home is a politician's firm discussion on the political ideal of our country's increasing import of analytical instruments year by year), said that since the global oil price rose last year, the price of paint and related materials, which are oil by-products, has been gradually raised, up more than 20% so far

the main contractor said that paint, sand and other building materials are mostly used by subcontractors. Although the cost of these building materials tends to increase, the design of the host of the bidding experimental machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and solid performance. The contract price "has no change", which means that many peers choose to "carry" the cost increase first; "There is no way. There are still not many projects, so you can do what you have to do, and there is not much choice."

when asked on March 16, the Singapore Association of builders (scal) said that the association has not received any response from its members to the above situation so far

however, those who often use instruments and meters in the industry believe that if the cost of various building materials continues to rise, it will be even worse for the construction industry, which is not very prosperous

one contractor estimated that 8 to 10 barrels of paint would be used in a five bedroom apartment or private apartment. For general small contractors, they usually have to buy from hardware stores or paint vendors, rather than directly order from the general agent of paint. Therefore, the paint price purchased by these businesses is close to the retail price, and a barrel of 5 liters of paint costs more than 50 yuan

on the other hand, a large major contractor said that most of its construction projects will negotiate the price and cost of raw materials in advance, so as to reduce risks. At present, the company's management in this area is quite good. "The cost of building materials is indeed rising gradually, but not by a large margin."

Yang Xiangtong, executive director of chip eng Seng, a local listed group, said that large users such as the Housing Development Bureau usually negotiate the price for some major building materials such as cement before the bidding of construction projects, and then explain it in the bidding documents of the project, so that the contractor can participate in the bidding according to the price of the raw materials

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