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The development of cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting technology

there are two eternal themes in the tobacco industry, one is to reduce harmful ingredients, that is, to reduce coke and eliminate pests; The second is to improve the packaging quality of tobacco products. It not only requires its appearance design to be novel, practical and personalized, but also has higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology compared with the anti-counterfeiting technology used in general products. The high forgery risk behind high profits makes it necessary to invest more cost in packaging anti-counterfeiting, which includes many factors such as technology, process, materials and so on

laser holography is one of the common anti-counterfeiting technologies at present. A successful and ideal anti-counterfeiting technology should be a unique, difficult to counterfeit but easy to identify non-destructive technology. BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeiting shrink film, which is widely used nowadays, was born based on this concept. It not only has multi-layer anti-counterfeiting technology protection, but also tries to make clothing materials have new characteristics: it allows the normal passage of heat radiation, air and water vapor, etc., the anti-counterfeiting icon recognition is simple, and the mark is clear and visible at a glance. A new breakthrough has been made on the basis of traditional BOPP raw materials, production equipment and technology. According to the needs of customers, holographic encrypted information or dark lines can be placed in the holographic image, coupled with special laser decoding instruments for identification, which greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting strength of product packaging; It realizes the combination of gloss, transparent appearance and high shrinkage characteristics of holographic molded products; And the holographic layer gives the smoke film better anti-static, anti adhesion characteristics and adaptability to more than 2000 tons of various products produced on the machine; It is resistant to ink erosion, has high ability to block moisture, carbon dioxide, etc., maintains the inherent aroma of the packaged goods, and extends the storage life of the packaged goods; At the same time, other anti-counterfeiting means that are not easy for consumers to identify are reduced, which greatly saves the cost of anti-counterfeiting; What is important is that all the waste, residues and defective products produced in processing are granulated and recycled, which not only avoids the flow of waste products into the market, but also reduces the production cost of products, meeting the requirements of green and environmental protection

but this technology also has its own problems in marketing. On the one hand, it is limited by its own technical characteristics. In the process of use, the heating temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to cause what good schemes in the field of non-metallic materials to improve the user experience of pseudo pattern deformation. On the other hand, tobacco packaging is different from other products. Consumers are more specific about the packaging recognition of products. In order to attract long-term consumption, tobacconists rarely change the packaging style easily. As a result, some new technologies can only be applied to newly developed products, and their market is relatively limited

now, this anti-counterfeiting film has been developed to some other fields, such as the packaging of advanced electronic products such as CD-ROM and the packaging of tobacco cigarettes. This also opens a new way for the market application of anti-counterfeiting film to a certain extent

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