The hottest Singapore rubber price has risen recen

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Singapore rubber prices rose recently, unaffected by Japanese rubber

rubber prices were affected by the weakness of Japanese rubber, resulting in a downturn in the market Due to sluggish trading, overseas buyers are paying close attention to the market, and buyers are still waiting They believe that cargo prices will fall in June and July, waiting to buy at a lower price However, the price of rubber in Thailand remained stable The Thai baht rose to a high of more than a year against the US dollar in anticipation of the end of the political crisis in Thailand The Thai baht rose to 38.23 baht against the US dollar, making it the best performing Asian currency today Previously, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin announced that he would resign to quell the long-lasting political crisis. Its strange performance has changed everyone's understanding of these products But it is uncertain whether the weather will provide support At present, the weather is very hot, but if this weather continues to be as hot as last year, it may affect production. The price of rubber raw materials has not yet fallen and remains stable The defoliation period leads to scarce supply in the market During the defoliation period, the temperature rose and the rubber tree output fell by an average of three. In view of the outstanding downward pressure in the current, chemical, non-ferrous and other industries The defoliation period in southern Thailand began in March and lasted until the whole April

the selling price of Indonesian tire grade sir20 standard rubber reported in May shipping fell by US $0.03 to 1.92 The selling price of Malaysian SMR20 standard rubber also fell by US $0.03 to 1.97. The selling price of Thai tire grade str20 standard rubber for shipment in May was held at US $2.05 per kilogram, and the selling price of 60% concentrated latex in barrels was US $1, 556 per ton The FOB price of Thai index No. 3 cigarette film (RSS3) was flat at US $2.15 per kilogram in May

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