The hottest single-layer barrier PET beer bottle

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A Belgian brewery company has introduced a new package called "pivotpack" It is said to be the first single-layer isolation of reinforced polyester bottles in the world. This packaging technology first appeared in the Russian market. As we can see from the experimental results that consumers welcome polyester bottle packaged beer, this kind of packaging has gradually expanded to other markets, and the price prospect is also quite optimistic. Excellent isolation performance this microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Shandong Star High Tech introduced today adopts an electro-hydraulic proportional valve to provide outstanding blocking effect on oxygen and light, and protect the carbonate in the bottle. These properties combine PET bottle clearing and cleaning: light weight and non cracking, ensuring the freshness and high quality of beer. This new type of single-layer isolation resin will greatly promote the potential of pet as a material for sensitive beverage containers when conducting impact experiments on oxygen sensitive film pendulum impact testing machines

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