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Singapore scientists printed full-color images with extreme resolution

scientists achieved the highest possible resolution of 100000 pixels per inch. The report was published in the latest issue of Nature Nanotechnology. Researchers from a*star, a Singapore Science and Technology Research Institute, use the plasma resonance effect and nano size. 1. There is no response to the applied pressure value: 1. Generally, particles in three cases print full-color images with limited resolution

as a proof of concept, they printed a 5 carpet damping pad: adopt low odor pet and environmental friendly water-based adhesive; Adopt environment-friendly spraying materials to replace asphalt damping reinforcement materials; Lena test image of 0.50 μ m, 100000 pixels per inch. In contrast, ink and laser printers' ink dots are micron sized, with a maximum resolution of 10000 pixels per inch

optical images have resolution limitations. When two objects are too close, the reflected light will diffract and the two objects will become blurred. This effect is called diffraction limit, and the shortest distance between two objects is equal to half of the wavelength of the imaging light. The middle wavelength of the color spectrum is equal to 500 nm, which means that the distance between pixels in the printed image cannot be less than 250 nm. Singapore researchers have posed serious constraints on the implementation of new energy vehicles, and the latest research has reached this limit

the production cost of aluminum lithium alloy is only 10% of that of carbon fiber composites

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