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Comprehensively promote high-end intelligent manufacturing, and this single champion enterprise has achieved it

comprehensively promote high-end intelligent manufacturing, and this single champion enterprise has achieved it

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XCMG foundation won the first batch of manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises. Two years later, it won the plaque of "Jiangsu Province demonstration intelligent workshop"! This "demonstration intelligent workshop" is the "intelligent manufacturing workshop of rotary drilling rig". In this workshop, XCMG rotary drilling rig, a single champion product and a piling product with the highest market share in the industry, has been created

1 draw on "intelligence" and anchor intelligent independent research and development

"the decisive battle is in the market and the decisive victory is in the factory". More specifically, it is to ensure that users can be provided with reliable products more economically, efficiently and accurately through new manufacturing systems, namely intelligent production equipment and intelligent management

in this way, it is difficult to ensure that all experiments can be carried out normally. It is the first flexible automatic production line of induction powered rotary drilling rig independently developed by XCMG, which can meet the production requirements of a full series of rotary drilling rigs. It realizes the punctuality, efficiency and automation of product assembly

the whole production line is composed of 48 sets of high-end intelligent equipment, covering the key processes such as main machine assembly, detection and main machine commissioning of rotary drilling rigs. The share of intelligent equipment in the production line has reached 90%, and all of them have realized the interconnection of people, machines and materials

the total length of the automatic production line of rotary drilling rigs is 138m, with 4 sets produced in a single shift and a production pace of 2 hours, which can meet the production requirements of the mixed line of rotary drilling rigs that need to be unloaded and cleaned at this time. The production status of products can be seen at a glance and updated in real time through electronic signage and intelligent display devices. By scanning the code and uploading information, employees can display the production progress and the situation of the production line at any time, so as to monitor the production situation in time. At the same time, employees can also query the online situation of materials and master the information of production materials in time

2 absorb "quality" and aim at reliable product manufacturing

if the intelligent manufacturing workshop improves the production efficiency, shortens the production cycle, and helps the basic company lead the industry in terms of output, then the comprehensive test bench for the complete machine of the rotary drilling rig comprehensively improves the performance of the whole machine, leads the world in terms of quality, and realizes the control of the whole process, value chain and life cycle of the whole machine. The integrated test bench of the whole machine can use the servo system to simulate the actual working conditions to apply the load spectrum, which can realize the recovery of power energy, and the technical level is in the international leading position. As an intelligent test equipment, the rotary drilling rig test bench can accumulate detailed test data, comprehensively consider the main technical parameters of the rotary drilling rig power head, troubleshoot early failures, and improve the reliability of the whole machine

3 "change" and realize the flexibility of process management

flexible production is the real future of manufacturing industry. Promote the flexibility of production process management, and the production department can respond quickly according to the adjustment of order plan and production plan. Make full use of the integration of ERP, PDM, CRM, SCM and MES systems, realize the real-time monitoring and traceability of production and logistics processes, improve the agility of the supply chain, interact with orders, suppliers, materials and other data, and realize flexible production while safeguarding quality. By means of informatization, the accuracy of production plan implementation, the overall logistics distribution efficiency and production efficiency are improved by 10%, and the digitalization of control and information transmission, real-time management and visualization of production process are realized

The 2019 government work report pointed out that: focusing on promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, strengthening the industrial foundation and technological innovation ability, promoting the integrated development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power

to build a powerful manufacturing country, intelligent high-end equipment is the most fundamental hardware. "Smart leads the high-end and wins the future". XCMG, with intelligent high-end equipment, intelligent solutions and the atmosphere of serving the country by industry, comprehensively promotes the level of intelligent manufacturing to high-end, digital and intelligent

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