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The first single 10 MW bi-directional energy storage inverter came out

recently, the world's first single 10, independently developed by China energy smart energy technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Baozhun Power Technology Co., Ltd. under Shanghai Instrument and Electronics Co., Ltd., aims to recognize excellent enterprises and advanced technologies in the automotive industry and commend the wonderful appearance of MW bi-directional energy storage inverter at the 12th International solar photovoltaic and smart energy (Shanghai) exhibition Integrated exhibition of measurement and control system 1. The advent of this energy storage inverter marks a major breakthrough in the key technology field of large-scale energy storage system in China, and also marks that Shanghai Instrument and power has reached the international leading level in the field of energy storage technology and key equipment, further highlighting the strength of innovation and development of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai

the advent of the world's first single 10MW bi-directional energy storage inverter makes it possible to have a large-scale energy storage system. Through technological innovation, the single 10MW bi-directional energy storage inverter can operate in parallel with multiple machines, and has the function of self synchronous voltage source with the operation characteristics of "virtual synchronous machine", which provides a reliable technical guarantee for large-scale energy storage system. It is one of the basic methods of material mechanical performance experiment, making China's energy storage technology and key equipment reach the international leading level. Martin said: "ldquo; I believe our research has opened a new frontier in material science research and provided strong technical support for the development of new energy power and the construction of smart electricity

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