President Li Junhai of Xiqi County visited the Jap

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Li Junhai, President of Qixian County, Shanxi Province, visited Japan Glass Association

on July 1, the haze of the film is generally expressed by the light scattering ability of the film. On the morning of July 7, the meeting site will be divided into three sub venues. Li Junhai, vice chairman of the Qixian County CPPCC, President of the Enterprise Federation and the entrepreneur association, came to Beijing, together with Meng Lingyan, President of the association Zhao Wanbang, the deputy secretary general, and Zhang Jie, a staff member of the association, had in-depth consultations on six issues, including Qi county's declaration of "the city of glassware in China", and reached a consensus on relevant issues

first, the two sides further discussed the relevant documents and declaration procedures of Qi county for the declaration of "the city of glassware in China"

second, the two sides further discussed the relevant issues of recommending Qi county entrepreneurs as candidates for vice president of China Daily Glass Association

III. president Li, on behalf of the leading group office of the joint construction of characteristic areas in Qi County, is the future office of China's high-molecular material industry, and expresses his gratitude to the Japan Poland Association for its care and help. And expressed the potential to cooperate with the association to do a good job in the work of glassware characteristic areas

IV. the two sides communicated on the form of participation and the number of exhibitors in the "Fifth China crystal and glass products Expo 2009" held in Yiwu on October 20

v. the two sides also held consultations on how to publicize the characteristic areas of Qi County, some electrostatic brands on well-known people, well-known enterprises' well-known products and other issues

VI. both sides will promote and encourage the excellent glassware in Qi county to participate in the selection of the "2009 Fifth China crystal and glass products Expo boutique design competition". It is a good publicity for Qi county and enterprises nationwide, and will play a positive role in promoting the popularity of Qi County glass enterprises and products in the domestic market. President Li said that he would strive to cooperate with the association to do a good job

the president of the association thanked president Li for his many visits and support to the association, and asked him to convey his greetings to the leaders and enterprises of Qi county

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