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President of Rohm Haas global coatings visited garberry coatings company

president of Rohm Haas global coatings visited garberry coatings company

January 28, 2008

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[China coatings information] on January 17, 2008, Mr. Luis Fernandez, global president of Rohm Haas coating business department Mr. Bruce hoechner, President of the Asia Pacific region of the coating business, and his party visited Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. through actual production, we visited Qiu Qiming, President of Jiabaoli, and Xu Youwei, general manager of marketing. The two sides had a cordial conversation on the pleasant cooperation and future cooperation prospects in coating technology and raw materials

previously, Xu Youwei, general manager of marketing and technology of garberry, led a team to visit Rohm and Haas, the world's second largest R & D center located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park

Rohm & Haas is the world's leading supplier of acrylic monomers and polymers, and its products are mainly used in coatings, building materials and other fields. The company has more than 100 manufacturing plants and research institutions around the world. In 2003, it was named one of the most respected chemical companies in the United States by Fortune magazine. Rohm Haas emulsion paint quality institute has long been committed to promoting the knowledge and application of coatings around the world, and has made positive contributions to promoting the development of the coating industry towards high quality

garberry paint is the pride of Chinese paint. It is the only enterprise in the paint industry that integrates the three national honors of "Chinese famous brand products", "Chinese well-known trademarks" and "national inspection free products". It is also a leading enterprise in domestic waterborne wood paint. In 2007, the company achieved a sales revenue of more than 1.1 billion yuan and successfully ranked among the first group in the domestic paint industry. All military banks came from overseas markets at the beginning of this year

from the beginning of the establishment of the plant, garberry has maintained close cooperation with Rohm and HAAs in the technology and raw materials of modified polypropylene materials for the front and rear bumper bodies. This high-level meeting between the two sides is bound to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides

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