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Special inks, the preservation of printing

various special inks used in the field of special printing emerge in endlessly, which not only make the printing quality excellent, but also meet the needs of various special functions such as environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting, and expand the new direction and new ideas of printing development

the processing method of printing on special shapes or materials with special performance inks and special printing processes is collectively referred to as special printing. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the printing quality is constantly improving, and at the same time, there are higher requirements for ink. Various special inks used in the field of special printing emerge in endlessly. They not only make the printing quality excellent, but also meet the needs of various special functions such as environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting, expand the new direction and new ideas of printing development, make printing always go ahead of the market consumption trend, and constantly maintain the freshness and uniqueness of its own development in the development

various "fresh-keeping" methods

there are many kinds of special inks, including UV inks, liquid crystal inks, fragrance inks, inkjet printing inks, etc. UV drying ink is referred to as UV ink for short. It will not dry on the ink roller during the printing process. Once it is printed on the surface of the substrate and exposed to 300-400nm ultraviolet light, it can be cured immediately. It only takes about 1 second, and the drying is fast. It is widely used in special cover varnish printing, metal hose printing, web form printing and cardboard box printing

liquid crystal ink is a compound with crystalline properties added to the ink. Under the influence of weak current and temperature, it shows light and dark patterns and colors due to the change of lattice. Labels and packages printed with this ink can react with temperature changes

the difference between scented inks and ordinary inks lies in the development of effective fake application of spices for military ships, aircraft and uniforms. In order to maintain the stability and durability of fragrance, spices are made into a kind of microcapsule with fragrance and added directly to the ink. The ink can be applied to various printing methods

ink for ink-jet printing is suitable for ink-jet printing. Using computer graphic information to control the piezoelectric crystal, the ink in the nozzle is ejected from the extremely fine nozzle under a certain pressure to form dot matrix words or images on the paper

pearlescent ink can reproduce the luster and color of pearl shells, butterflies, fish and metals in nature. Pearlescent ink has low price and excellent durability, which can prevent the replication of scanners, electric extensions and color copiers. It can be used in packaging, advertising albums, publications, etc. Pearlescent printing can be implemented in offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and silk printing

of course, in addition to the above commonly used special inks, there are electroluminescent inks used in some specific fields, luminous inks with light absorption, light storage and light-emitting functions, scraping card inks used in all kinds of lottery scratch cards that can directly print offset lottery tickets or lottery tickets, and inks used in the manufacture of carbon paper, etc

At present, special ink printing is widely used, and the printed matter has a beautiful appearance and special effects, which expands the new direction of printing development

the printing principle of liquid crystal printing is to add liquid crystal capsule into printing ink for printing. Liquid crystal has liquid fluidity. Because of its optical anisotropy and sensitivity to changes in electric field, magnetic field, temperature, stress and chemical environment, its color and transparency will also change with the changes of these conditions. Therefore, if the liquid crystal component is added to the printing ink, the color of the printed matter will change under specific conditions. For example, the lighter shell uses the liquid crystal printing ink to print the pattern, and its appearance may not be colored, but once it is ignited and affected by heat, the pattern can appear immediately. The amount of liquid crystal mixed in the ink is 40% of the total amount of ink, and the thickness of the ink film is about 30-60 M. Printed products can be divided into reversible and irreversible reactions according to different needs. The substrate for liquid crystal printing is preferably water absorbent paper, and synthetic paper is also applicable. The printing method can be offset printing, gravure printing, printing or a combination of two printing methods

when printing with special liquid crystal ink, we will get better results by offset printing or gravure printing first, and then print the words and images with the ink sealed into the liquid crystal capsule. Be careful not to damage the capsule, so most of them use silk printing for printing, and the bottom of the printed liquid crystal part must be printed black. In addition, because the liquid crystal ink is very afraid of moisture, after printing, the transparent polypropylene film is mounted on its surface with adhesive to prevent moisture

today, liquid crystal printing has been widely used for printing display panels, toys, trademarks, simple body temperature belts and health care appliances. Except for those used in electrical precision components and watches, the life of liquid crystal is generally about 1-2 years. The future research topic is how to extend its life

ice flower printing is to use the printing process to overlay materials such as ink with ice flower characteristics on the substrate to form an ice flower effect. There are many forms of ice flower printing, such as ice flower ink printing and metal ice flower paint technology

the principle of ice flower produced by printing is that when the surface of the substrate film is dry, especially affected by nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other gases, the surface of the film will produce crystal lines. Crystal grain, crystal flower, grain and silk grain are all different forms of wrinkle samples that will also affect the experimental results. They are a defect of coatings. However, if it can be controlled to properly generate crystal lines in the coating, it can produce a crystal clear decorative effect similar to ice flowers. Ice ink can generally be printed on special paper, coated cloth, mirror, plastic and metal. Ice paint process is not produced by coating, but by special tin plating process. For example, after special tin plating of steel, ice flower like tin coating is formed on the surface. A layer of transparent varnish with color is covered on the ice flower shaped tin plating layer to make the white ice flower take color, and the ice flower becomes more bright and the decorative effect is more ideal. At the same time, the protection of the coating is improved

in order to meet the needs of the market, a kind of fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink with sunlight color change and hand temperature color change that can be used for cigarette and wine packaging has been introduced to the market. Its main characteristics are: first, it adopts high-tech materials with sunlight color change and hand temperature color change, which has the controllability of raw materials; Second, the ink has many components, many production equipment, large investment, complex process and difficult processing, which is difficult for ordinary people to copy; Third, it has multiple anti-counterfeiting functions, such as intuition, sunlight discoloration, hand temperature discoloration, concealment, fluorescent discoloration; Fourth, it is convenient to identify, which can be identified by sunlight or hand temperature heating, and the common ultraviolet light banknote detector can also be used

this new anti-counterfeiting ink has its own unique characteristics in technology. It adopts the principle of chemiluminescence to realize the uniqueness of fluorescence detection. According to the needs of customers, it adopts special fluorescent compounds with patent protection, uses the unique fingerprint identification function, and the ink with the unique spectral characterization can achieve the purpose of protecting products from counterfeiting. The fluorescent materials with color change in sunlight and temperature change in hands have high stability, It overcomes the shortcoming that the existing anti-counterfeiting inks are prone to aging, and has the specificity of locking the formula of the special anti-counterfeiting inks for commodity brands, that is, according to the needs of customers, use the anti-counterfeiting inks with strong uniqueness to achieve the purpose of protecting products: the new anti-counterfeiting inks can use any printing method to directly print invisible or colored anti-counterfeiting graphics and texts on the coated paper, cardboard, plastic film and other materials used for packaging such as tobacco and alcohol

electronic ink printing realizes digital offset printing. Electronic ink contains charged liquid ink particles, which makes it possible to electronically control the position of printing particles in digital printing. Electronic ink can reach very small particles, which enable printing to achieve higher resolution and smoothness. Sharpened image edges form extremely thin image layers. Using digital offset printing technology of electronic ink, it has many advantages: good edge sharpening and clarity; Point increase and color consistency: good image smoothness; Spot color ink system can be used for six color printing. Prestige image adopts one-time transfer technology, with small color difference: instant drying; It doesn't fade under the light

market opportunities

at present, there are two major development trends of special inks: environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting. Environmental friendly inks, also known as green inks, refer to UV curable inks and water inks that have good environmental protection instead of products. Developing green ink is a necessary condition to realize green printing. In order to reduce environmental pollution, developing green ink and developing green printing are gradually recognized by people. Laws and regulations also encourage people to choose green ink. European environmental protection regulations have added provisions related to printing, which clearly limits the emission of volatile organic compounds in the printing industry. It not only increases the content of waste treatment, but also provides a way to reduce ink consumption. According to statistics, 60% of British printing materials are printed with alcohol free or alcohol less inks. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) strongly opposes the use of solvent based ink. Flexographic ink is the only non-toxic ink approved by the American food and Drug Association, which is widely used in the packaging and printing of food and drugs. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, in addition to offset printing, ink is gradually replacing traditional solvent based inks. In the United States, for example, 95% of flexo prints and 80% of gravure prints are printed with ink

the development of anti-counterfeiting ink is also a market trend. In gravure printing ink, the goal is to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen environmental protection and improve the hand feel of gravure printing; In the light variable ink, the goal is to improve the light variable effect and reduce the cost; In terms of thermal anti-counterfeiting ink, the goal is to improve the performance of thermal materials and color change sensitivity; In the aspect of UV laser fluorescence, the goal is to develop the system, that is, when developing ink, we also develop detection instruments and related technologies to improve its machine-readable anti-counterfeiting performance; In terms of infrared ink, we aim to develop unique infrared transparent and infrared absorbing materials

environmental friendly inks can meet people's requirements for non-toxic and pollution-free printing, and the market prospect of special inks is undoubtedly worth looking forward to. In the future, the development goal of special ink will be to meet the needs of multi-color, high-speed and fast drying, no pollution and low consumption, improve the quality of flexographic ink products, improve the adaptability to modern printing technology and product stability, actively develop various water-based inks, anhydrous offset printing inks, food packaging inks and sun resistant inks that are still in shortage and blank in China, and improve the application fields of special printing technology, Expand the new direction of printing development

after several years of rapid development, China's special printing industry has formed a certain industrial scale, and the relevant printing processing technology has become increasingly perfect. Special printing has become an important part of printing. However, the domestic special printing market is still in the development stage, and the market is far from mature. Compared with the developed European and American countries, the most important and simple and useful way to avoid the rust of the hydraulic forming machine in China is to paint the press with anti-oxidation paint. There is still a considerable gap in the printing industry in terms of market scale, product level, variety specification and consumption level

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